The Last Monster Hunter


This story is a gothic reimagining of classic monster lore. In The Last Monster Hunter, vampires and werewolves (amongst other monsters) are not always full blown creatures; rather, they are people infected with a strain of deadly diseases. Illnesses like lycanism and vampirism spread throughout the countryside and have a wide range of effects. A mild case may make you a bit more aggressive; a serve case can turn you into a unrecognizable monster.

This story follows Leon, one of the most renown hunters in the Hunter's Guild. The Hunter's Guild is an institution created to protect the people against those unfortunate enough to contract these diseases. Our story picks up when a senior hunter is killed on a routine vampire contract. Leon, and fellow hunters Elena and Edward, set out to figure out what happened.

Below is the first three pages introducing us to our main protagonist, Leon. A larger sample is available upon request!


Dreary daytime

The daytime reflects the exhaustion of the town and what they are dealing with. There is always an uneasiness permeating, even during the day. As we get further outside the town, some of the dull blues give way for some greens like the forest that surrounds the city or the mountain the castle rests on.

Torchlit Nighttime

In stark contrast, the nighttime scenes are almost more inviting than the daytime. Outside of the town, it is dark and mysterious, hiding anything lurking in the shadows. The town has early lighting and electricity as well as torches, giving it a false warm feeling.