Community Prompts

Welcome to the Community Prompts Page! The idea is simple... You send me a writing prompt... I write a script off of it. Sound interesting? Send me your ideas today!

Here is what to do... click the button below and send me :

A Genre and any of the following...

  • A Location : The predominate location in the story.
  • An Object : Must physically appear in the story.
  • A Character : Must appear in the story.
  • An Action/Premise : This must be a part of what the story is about (ex: revenge, a heist, etc..).

The Writing Guidelines:

  • I will choose the prompt at random.
  • Script will be up to 10 pages.
  • One week timeline.
  • Script will incorporate all elements in the prompt.
  • The author of the chosen prompt will get writing credit on the script!

Suggestions open!

This week's prompt

Genre : Adventure - Location : A palace overrun by deer  - Premise : Exploration - Character : A female elf

Thank you everyone for the submissions! This week's contributor is Alli Kelley. The short story will be posted by Monday at 11:59 PM.

Most recent story

Genre : Comedy  -  Location : Mountain house -  Premise : A murder mystery

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